Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Australian Pies

Pieman has recently received this photo of a typical Australian gourmet pie from an associate currently working down under:

It looks pretty good, although Pieman has his doubts about the dollop of ketchup on top, and, what's more, he thought Australian pies were traditionally served upside down, and surrounded by a generous helping of mushy peas (what the Australians charmingly refer to as a "pie floater").

Some Pie Club members will be visiting Australia early next year, so expect to see some pie reviews from down under soon.

All Australian beer is rubbish, of course, so there's no danger of the Aussies doing better than the Poms in our ongoing quest for the perfect Pie/Pint combination.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

An expedition along the No. 17 Bus Route

Whilst researching possible venues for the next Pie Club outing, Pieman (accompanied by his long-suffering wife) undertook the hazardous task of visiting all the pubs on the No 17 bus route, which runs from Bishops Waltham to Petersfield, to try to find a pub that serves a pie worthy of our attention. The results were mixed, and largely disappointing:

The Bakers Arms, Droxford

May be worth a visit because we know the food here is seriously good, but there was no pie on the menu when Pieman visited, although their web site says there is a Chicken & Mushroom Pie with mashed potato at £12.95 (expensive).

The Bucks Head, Meonstoke

Possibly worth a visit. One "big and hearty" Steak & Ale Pie with shortcrust pastry @ £9.50

The Shoe, Exton

Doubtful, and expensive. A Steak & Wine Pie with mash and puff pastry @ £12.50. The service here is still as bad as ever, even on a quiet day.

The George & Falcon, Warnford

Might be interesting, but it's a large pub with poor ambience, and expensive. Their "Pie of the Day" when Pieman visited was Pork & Apple with a puff pastry lid and shortcrust pastry lining @ 12.50 

Thomas Lord, West Meon

Nice looking pub, but no pies. Disappointing!

The Olde George Inn, East Meon

Nice looking pub, but no pies. Disappointing!

The Isaac Walton, East Meon

No pies

Seven Stars, Stroud

Doubtful, big family pub with poor ambience. Steak & Ale pie @ £9.45

The Good Intent, Petersfield

Pub closed down.

The Square Brewery, Petersfield

Nice pub, but no pies

The Folly, Petersfield

Nice pub, but no pies

Other pubs in Petersfield

There was not enough time to visit all the other pubs in Petersfield, but a quick tour failed to find any that would justify the long bus trip from Bishops Waltham. It didn't look as if any served pies.