Thursday, 7 March 2013

2012 Pie of the Year Award Presentation

After a year of dedicated devotion to duty in 2012, the gentlemen members of the Pie Club gathered together on 28th February 2013 for a formal presentation to the Landlord and Landlady at The Wheatsheaf Inn, Shedfield  in honour of the truly exceptional pie which they presented to us there on  29th May 2012 (a momentous occasion which will be long remembered by all who were present). 

Several members were seen to be dewy-eyed as they entered the hallowed premises, and noticed some familiar signs which brought back cherished memories of that famous day. Of course,  the excellent Flowerpots Ales, and a fine selection of other ales and ciders, are still available, all at prices which are but a dim memory for people who frequent other pubs. 

 It would have been rude for us to refuse the offer of ales at such prices, so we started at the top of the list, as is natural, and worked our way down.  We had already arranged for a replica Steak and Ale pie to be served on this occasion, but as there were 8 of us present this time our hosts had prepared two pies for us.  What could be better than that? Before the pies were served we presented our hosts with a commemorative certificate, which they were very pleased to receive. In fact, they seemed moved to tears:

Within minutes the certificate was proudly on display in prime position by the bar:

When the pies were served, we were not disappointed. Look at the size of the pie (this is one pie, for 4 people). Admire the colour and texture of the pastry:

When served out you are better able to appreciate the size of the helping:

The pies were accompanied by side dishes of freshly cooked vegetables, new potatoes in butter, and lashings of gravy served separately (our hosts had apparently taken note of the only criticism we made on our first visit).

This was a celebratory occasion, not a normal Pie Club outing, so we didn't do the usual formal assessment (we wouldn't subject The Wheatsheaf to such an indignity). Suffice to say, everything about this visit lived up to expectations, and we still think that this pie is a deserving winner of our sought-after Pie of the Year award. Congratulations once again to our hosts - may you long continue to maintain such high standards (and such low prices).

The Wheatsheaf has set such a high standard that challenge now for the Pie Club members is to seek out and sample worthy contenders for the title. We are undaunted. We will continue  devote ourselves with renewed vigour to the search for the perfect Pie & Pint.